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University, Fraternity, Sports arena, Intra-mural sports, Trig 201. On the go clothing - from classroom to tailgating, from the library to the fraternity house. U of Houston, Rice University, Texas A&M, Baylor, University of Texas. Because southern preppy is back!
Southern Tide was founded by Allen Stephenson in 2005. A 23-year-old entrepreneur, while living abroad in Italy, became inspired by some of the most beautiful elements in the world. While in Italy, Allen recognized the importance of quality over quantity. It was this belief from which Southern Tide was created.
From sports cars and fine cuisine to couture fashion and architecture, Allen noticed common threads – exceptional craftsmanship, clean lines, high quality, and classic design. This innovation has made Southern Tide one of today's most popular apparel brands.
Southern Tide

Class: LookingGood 101
Professor: Southern Tide