• New clothes arrival
  • Bespoke Peter Millar

Exciting Time: The store always comes to life and gets atwitter when the latest fashions from iconic designers arrive. Image if you can the unboxing of these new clothes. New colors, new fabrics, and new designs are just a handful of the topics we get to see and prepare for merchandising in Bill Walker Clothier.
Our second most exciting time is when we get to share these new clothes with you.

Peter Millar Custom Clothing

We work hard to deliver the best luxury fashion to our clients. Peter Millar has entered a new era by introducing his Custom Clothing Collection.

  • New Collection for 2021
  • Modern touches on the Peter Millar Classics
  • Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, Shorts, Polos, Golf Apparel

Initially you are measured. Accuracy is the key. We then work with you to select the style elements that are your preferences. There is a clean slate for your desires. We advise when there are options or you prefer to leave it to the experts.

We love the challenges... finding classic but modern clothing.

Peter Millar
Peter Millar

Our second most exciting time: When we get
to share the newest clothing with you